All Byers' Choice Caroler collectors know that their carolers are hand made in the USA. However, in spite of that, there are times some of the carolers might need a little TLC to freshen them up. Christmas Noel would like to share a few tips we provide for the most frequently asked questions about Byers' Choice repairs.

Q. "The hair on my Byers' Choice caroler has become fuzzy and out of place, how can I make it look smooth again."

A. To give your your Byers' Choice carolers a freshened up hair do, take an old toothbrush and spray it with some hair spray, (DON'T spay the caroler directly). Gently run the toothbrush over the hair style in the same direction as the style of the hair. This is particularly helpful with the Santa beards that can cover up the mouth fairly easily. 

Q. "I leave my carolers out for the entire season, what is the best way to get the dust off them?"

A. Dust can build up causing your carolers to look old and run down. Cleaning the surface dust with a small lint roller brush can help grab the loose dust and fuzz off the caroler. Just run it lightly over the shoulders and it should get most of the dust. You can use a soft artist's paint brush to get any dust off the faces of the carolers.

Q. “I have lost an accessory to my Byers’ Choice Caroler. What should I do?”

Craft stores like Jo-Annes and Hobby Lobby carry loads of fun things that you can use to replace lost or damaged accessories. Just use some Elmer’s craft glue and glue it in place where the previous one was. Viola!

Q. “My caroler won’t stand up properly. Is it damaged?”

Nope. Most people are unaware of this but, Byers' Choice uses wire coat hangers as “skeletons” for the bodies of the carolers. It makes the carolers slightly bendable. Sometimes a caroler just needs a little extra lean forward or backwards to get the right balance. Hold the caroler firmly at the legs and firmly at the shoulders, taking care to not pull on a glove or accessory and make the needed adjustment.

“The base on my Byers’ Choice Caroler is chipped, how can I fix it?”

This happens quite frequently. But the fix is soooo easy. Take a piece of fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand over the rough spot. If your base is the dark green color, take a green permanent marker and cover up the spot. Byers’ Choice also sells the paint that they use to make the carolers here.

Here is a list of handy, do-it-yourself repair tips:

  • If a mitten has fallen off your Caroler, try rolling up the very end of the mitten then sliding it under the cuff. Unroll the end and either pin or glue it in place.
  • If a shoe has fallen off, use a little bit of white craft glue to secure the shoe to the base. If a shoe is broken, please contact us and we will send you a new shoe as soon as possible. Please note that a broken boot must be returned to the factory for repair.
  • A scuffed shoe can be fixed with black permanent marker.
  • Small chips on the base can be smoothed with a nail file and colored in with a felt-tip marker.
  • If the paint is scratched on a Caroler Face or Base, you might be interested in our Caroler Touch-Up Kit which includes bottles of black, flesh and green paint.
  • To return cheeks to a rosy color, apply some powder blush with a soft cotton-tipped applicator.
  • To curl a scroll, roll the end around a round pencil.
  • Many accessories that become unattached can be fixed by applying a small amount of white craft glue.